Passages of Life' at Audo Concept Shop during 3 Days of Design⁠


Discover the different moments of life as you pass through a series of inspiring spaces created to put in practice classic and contemporary design.⁠ Artistic and inviting, the new Audo Concept Shop, curated by Christian Møller Andersen, is an intimate exploration of the home.⁠

Objects are showcased in situ, honouring their intended use in rooms made with distinctive moods in mind and underpinned by the use of painterly colours from St. Leo that draw inspiration from rural homes in France and Italy. As you wander from one room to the next, new objects, textures and stories unfold in the sensorial space.⁠


Audo Copenhagen’s aesthetic philosophy has been coined soft minimalism, characterised by clean lines, calm, subtle strength, earth tones and nature’s materials crafted with the utmost respect.⁠