Takagi sprinkler tools have the largest market share in Japan


Takagi is the market leader in Japan's sprinkler tool industry. Founded in 1961 by Mr. Hisao Takagi, the head office is located in Kokura Minami District, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu. From product planning and production to strict quality control of products and raw materials, Takagi head office is responsible for execution. As a result, the customer complaint rate of the products is controlled below 0.03%, which is highly praised by consumers.

Takagi started out as a manufacturer of commercial high-precision molds and plastic molding molds. Later, it started manufacturing and selling sprinkler tools for home gardening. Currently, the brand has about 500 sprinkler tools for home gardening. Takagi will continue to use advanced plastic injection molding and mold technology to launch more high-quality, high-efficiency products.

Takagi products are full of technology and expertise from Japan. You are welcome to experience it for yourself.

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