Industrial facility w152 lamp for wästberg intelligently powers gadgets via USB


the industrial facility w152 lamp for wästberg powers gadgets from USB outlets
all images courtesy of wästberg

during the 2015 stockholm furniture fair, Swedish lighting company wästberg teamed up with london-based design office industrial facility for their first collaboration. the result is the ‘industrial facility w152 lamp’, an electronic LED lamp that provides intelligent, universal power from three USB outlets, detecting charging requirements and powering them at their fastest rate. forged and milled from a solid aluminum body, the smart lighting device provides up to 3 amps of power – enough to charge the latest generation of laptops and tablets. it can be supplied either as a freestanding or wall-mountable lamp, or built-in to a surface.

power management detects what power is required to charge a device


‘for a long time, lamps have been an electrical experience – the light being evidence of electrical current passed through a filament,’ explain sam hecht and kim colin, founders of industrial facility. ‘but now modern lighting has become unrecognizable, no longer the subject of electricity, but of electronics. printed circuit boards, micro-chips, diodes and interfaces are now the staple ingredients, giving us greater control, conserving energy and providing longer lifespans. this transformation is a chance to establish new possibilities for the meeting point between light and electronics.’


‘this is not a story about gadgetry (regardless technical achievements), but rather an affirmation about how we live – that wherever light is supplied, power is often also required to charge our burgeoning electronic devices,’ they add.


each USB socket can provide 3A, which allows fast-charging of all devices plugged in at the same time


the lamp can be rotated 360 degrees for glare control and light direction


the lamp features a programmable micro switch