When You Don't Have to Hide Your Weights, You Will Reach for Them


Founder Kodi Kitchen Berg took the non linear path to EQUIPT. After having a background as a model and a soap opera actress on General Hospital, she was always a believer in the power of movement and the importance of sculpting your best self inside and out. The ubarre launched with this idea and a love of design, reaching for stylish workout tools that could be incorporated into daily living rather than simply fitness as a destination. She believes in the power of the minute move for the mind, body and spirit. We began as one Ubarre,

Kodi use IG daily while with her daughter. EQUIPT has now expanded to homes, hotels and studios worldwide with our award winning vegan leather ankle and wrist weights and the continued belief in a life of movement. We are truly a family-run business built on love, sweat, coffee and wine.

And, of course...movement.

They are advocates of movement. Whether it be cardio dance around the house, arm workouts from the desk, or planking thru the day. They believe that beautiful design incentives that movement. That the definition of a workout and health is not how you long you have spent in a gym and your abs. It's your definition, of what makes you feel good. Ownership fo decisions, getting blood flow and helping the mind, body and spirit.

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