Shopping Expert – 6 designer handbags that won’t break the bank!


Introducing you a few mid-range designer brands that are worth the investment, set the style and good value for money. Keep reading to check out!


Subella London


Subella is named after the founder's daughter. It is a bag brand that combines British style and Italian art. The Subella bag style can be suitable for a princess who is loved by thousands of people, or for a sunny innocent girl. Even a female elite who is galloping in the workplace can find her love in Subella! Subella makes good use of color~ the shape of the bag is also very unique. It is hard not to attract the envious eyes of other young ladies when going out on the street in spring and summer!

Manu Atelier


This exquisite arrow mark is Manu Atelier. She has been shuttled in the photos of various Ins fashionistas in the past two years! It can be regarded as a popular brand on Ins. But there are still many sisters who don't know much about it, so Swan will explain it to you in detail. Manu Atelier is from Turkey. It was founded in February 2014 by sisters Beste and Merve Manastır as co-founders of the brand. The sisters started the company out of a desire to showcase their father's skill and unique talent in the manufacture of handmade leather goods.


Within £100

"Jeenaa" is named after a pair of sisters, Jessica, Ruveena and Suveena = Jeenaa. They strive to provide people with style and ambition. Jeenaa bags are simple and exquisite. Although there are not many bags, they belong to the type that can be remembered at a glance. Loved by customers and celebrities from different countries, it has also been recognized by fashion designers around the world.

The sisters are British from India. For every bag sold, they donate to a primary school in Punjab, India. Funding includes full school uniform, stationery supplies and more planned. They believe that early investment and cultivation of children is very important! So you can also do charity while buying bags, which is really good!



The British niche brand Montunas, which is closely integrated with design and nature, is run by Elke, mother and daughter. The brand feature is that the silk scarves with feminine elements are used as decorations or straps of bags, which are of high value. Elke Ruge made his first handbags 25 years ago on a cattle ranch on the coast of Costa Rica. Today, she is joined by her two daughters, Amanda and Elena Hawila, who share her designs with the world.

Polène Paris


Polène is a new mid-to-high-end leather goods brand headquartered in Paris, France. Founded in 2016 by two brothers and a sister. The brand's collections embody confidence and class. Inspired by the work of designers such as Madeleine Vionnet, Mariano Fortuny and Madam Grès, Polène's designs incorporate creases into fluid, graceful curves , thereby enhancing the ductility of the leather and enhancing the sculptural feel of the design.



"Elle aime" is derived from a French phrase meaning "she loves"; Elleme emphasizes the idea of each woman's uniqueness, sophistication and strength. The Elleme brand comes from Paris and was founded by Chinese designer Fan Jingjing. A well-designed feel that is minimal, timeless and singularly defined.



YUZEFI was established in London in 2015. The founder and designer Naza Yuzefi is from Iran and graduated from Central Saint Martins. The design style is low-key and elegant. She thinks women can really relax when they don't have to carry a big bag. So Yuzefi has always been keen on the design of various mini bags. Yuzefi is a London-based fashion label with an experimental and thought-provoking approach to design. Gain a place in the fashion world with a strong sense of inventiveness and novelty.