Niche craft brands as worthy of collection as vinyl records


"If you love collecting vinyl records, you'll definitely love these unique brands that are worth collecting just like your favorite records! A recent study by music sales data company Luminate found that half of the 3,900 respondents who bought vinyl records in 2022 didn't even play them. Instead, vinyl records are often seen as collectibles with sentimental value, much like posters or autographs. Check out these brands that are just as collectible as vinyl records!


A UK-based fashion jewelry brand that creates perfect jewelry pieces to match your personality. Their designs combine semi-precious and cubic zirconia stones in an 18ct gold bow to create exquisite and playful jewelry pieces. The brand offers a range of pendants and charms that can be mixed and matched for a unique expression of personal style.

Helle Mardahl

Danish artist and designer who creates colorful and intricately shaped glass pieces for home decoration. Her designs are both artistic and functional, combining organic shapes with hard materials to create pieces that are delicate and yet full of life.


An innovative handcrafted brand from Italy that specializes in handmade leather belts. The brand uses high-quality European leather to create minimalist and pure belt designs. The iconic P-shaped silver buckle with a classic red-brown belt redefines people's recognition of Italian luxury leather crafts.


An international fashion accessories brand founded in 1983 by designers Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen. The brand combines Nordic minimalism with Danish fairy tale inspiration together with eastern philosophical-thinking to create a range of jewellery sunglasses, and women's watches that are both classic and bold. Discover these unique and collectible brands that are just as valuable as vinyl records.