2023 Niche Bag Brands Every Hipster Should Know!


Bags, as we all know, are considered one of the most crucial pieces in our closet. Not only do they have to be functional, but we’d also very much prefer them to be fashionable. Some of us even have a soft spot for classic designer styles. If carrying the same bag as others feels a tad too mainstream for you, it’s time to hit refresh for your bag department. Many niche bag brands have popped up over the years and are gaining attention from the style set worldwide. Thanks to the standout shapes and striking details of their bags, these cult labels have won over the hearts of many celebs, fashion fiends and street style stars.

The unique designs and standout styles from these brands will make you fall in love with bag shopping all over again.


Coperni, a cutting-edge brand in Paris, has gained popularity with its novel designs. Bags such as the Swipe series not only have a modern oval streamlined silhouette that is refreshing, but also use a single color as the base, which can be matched with any clothing style, whether it is held in the hand or on the shoulder. The back is 100 points fashionable~ and this coffee is the new fashion favorite of popular female stars, even Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner), the younger sister of the Jin family, and the popular goddess Di Lieba are all in the collection!


From France, Polène has a very popular bag brand. Every time there are crowds of people queuing up in the Paris store to buy a textured bag, it can be said that it is a must-buy bag in France.

The characteristic of Polène is that "one bag is worth ten bags". The leather material is durable and comfortable, and the bag has ample capacity and is easy to wear. It can be said to be a great boon for office ladies! Among them, the Numéro Un series bags have been well received. The rounded outline and soft leather make people love it. There is also an additional shoulder strap to provide a variety of carrying methods.


Paris niche brand Beracamy launched a variety of bags with special styles and became popular on IG, especially the Devon Portrait series bags are more fashionable and steal the spotlight. The square shape is like a lunch box, and the design is unique yet elegant. Be the center of attention!

Apede Mod

Presumably everyone is no stranger to the New York emerging brand Apede Mod, which quickly became popular with its elegant texture, bold color matching and geometric appearance, and is deeply loved by fashionistas. The brand's popular Froggy series bags are simple and stylish, with metal chains to add a personalized style, making you look stylish wherever you go!