Timeless and classic VASIC: "My standard bag" for every woman


The quietly popular Japanese brand VASIC creates elegant everyday "personal staple bags."


When it comes to Japanese-style handbag brands, many people may think of the popular Samantha Thavasa from a few years ago, with its fresh and cute, slightly romantic feminine designs, which established people's impression of "Japanese style." However, in recent years, a new brand has quietly become a popular favorite among Japanese women. It has shed the cute Japanese style and instead created a classic and unique style with a simple, sophisticated European and American sensibility.

VASIC, a handbag brand founded in 2015 in New York, was established by Japanese designer Kanoko Mizuo, who infuses her designs with Japanese refined simplicity and New York's fashionable atmosphere. In less than five years, VASIC has successfully captured the hearts of fashionistas. Many of its styles sell out quickly upon release. However, although VASIC has achieved great success, the brand's establishment was actually a series of opportunities and adventures.

From hairstylist to designer: an unexpected journey

At first glance, it's hard to imagine that the mature designs of VASIC are created by a designer, Kanoko Mizuo, who doesn't have a design background. Originally a hairstylist at a Tokyo salon, she resigned and headed to Paris because of her yearning for Europe. There, she came into contact with numerous artists and fashionistas and gradually expanded her horizons. It was at this time that she met the world-renowned hairstylist Julien D’ys and worked with him.

Due to work requirements, Mizuo also visited New York with D'ys. At first, she didn't have much of an impression of the city, but after several visits, she found that this fast-paced metropolis was very similar to Tokyo and that she might be better suited to it. At the same time, she also came to a second turning point in her life - she decided to open her own hair salon in New York. Later, she also established the fragrance brand "LAND by LAND". As her taste matured, one day she suddenly had the idea of "Why not try designing handbags?" and kept trying to find a breakthrough. Finally, VASIC was born.

Timeless and classic: "My Standard Bag" for every woman

"Timeless & Classic" - VASIC is inspired by daily life and creates bags that are simple yet rich in functionality, elegant yet playful. The simple lines are unique and create "My Standard Bag" for every woman, regardless of their lifestyle.