The Perfect Vag Is the one I Reach for Every Day


Silfen is a Danish accessory brand established by siblings Daniel and Celine. SILFEN is a young and exciting fashion brand that focuses on creating colorful, gorgeous bags in sustainable materials. Our ultimate goal is to create a universe in which each individual can express themselves and their unique style, and where people can share ideas, thought and opinions. Silfen hopes that the unique patterns and quirky colors can inspire and create a little extra happiness in life.

At SILFEN, we’re not afraid of being different – and neither should you! They love to play with textures and experiment with new materials to challenge the traditional perception of fashion. They believe that fashion can be fun, sustainable, and stylish all at the same time. Designer Daniel Silfen is never afraid to try something new or challenge the norms. Whether it’s a new theme, a new, vibrant color or simply a new take on a classic, Daniel will love it. Silfen hopes you do too.

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