Affordable French Clothing Brands Parisians Swear By


French women seem to be born with the knack of effortless style and their romantic je ne sais quoi leaves many girls in envy. There seems to be something French women instinctively know about putting together a look. "French style" not only represents intelligence, self-confidence and sexy, but also an attitude towards life.


Rouje founded by super popular fashion KOL Jeanne Damas. She always perfectly embodies the laid-back aesthetic of the Parisian woman, which has become the core style of the brand she founded. You can often see many classic floral dresses in brand design. Such a single product is suitable for many occasions. It can be paired with sneakers or white shoes to create a French casual fashion.


Pheme is a brand Pheme founded in Paris by popular writer Jessy Chu from Taiwan. It combines Eastern and Western aesthetics and designs many French-style romantic dresses. The founder's oriental aesthetics makes the brand design very suitable for Asian women. The classic floral dress has a fishtail design on the skirt, and the long dress can be worn with dangling earrings and multi-layered accessories popular in Europe and America to increase the layering of the shape. The shoes are high-heeled slippers to show the graceful figure of women , interpreting the French lazy aesthetics.


Sézane Founded by Morgane Sézalory in 2008, Sézane started from the Internet. The core design of the brand is simple, comfortable, elegant and generous, which makes them still have fans in today's fast fashion market. In daily life, you can start with a pure white lace vest and match it with denim items that French women must have in their wardrobe. Whether it is trousers or skirts, you can show your French taste in daily wear. For Friday date night, you can choose a cut-out vest with bright colors to show your feminine charm and prepare for a romantic Friday night.


MaisonCléo Finally, MaisonCléo, a brand founded by a French mother and daughter, has gained popularity in the market with its "Paris handmade order". The brand's princess puff sleeve tops are loved by many fashionable people. When having a picnic with friends, you can choose a pink or white two-piece dress with princess puff sleeves. This design can elongate the proportion of your figure and keep you fashionable all the time.