Top 5 Italian brands every style icon should know where to buy!


Niche Italian brands play by a different rulebook in pandemic aftermath. CNShip4Shop is excited to share details of 5 Italian brands that are fast becoming customer favorites.


Vivetta, which debuted in Milan in 2009, was founded by Vivetta Ponti, who grew up in the Italian town of Assisi, surrounded by antiques, art and natural scenery. Vivetta is very fond of animals (especially cats) and antiques, so the brand incorporates animal prints, vintage toys, antiques and tapestries into its designs.

BLAZÉ Milano

The three founders are also the fashion editors of the Italian version of "ELLE", a brand of women's suit jackets. Its suit jacket and coat material is really good. The classic style can be worn for decades, so if you want to invest in a high-quality blazer, you can consider this brand.

For materials made of all wool and 100% silk, big brands generally sell for more than 10,000 yuan. The price of BLAZÉ Milano is lower than that of big brands, but the quality is highly respected by fashionistas. To choose an elegant jacket with a high capacity, the editor recommends a white single-button suit jacket. 100% wool is very warm, and the tailoring is very close. The semi-circular pocket design is fashionable and elegant.


The founder of Miahatami, Narguess Hatami, used to work at MSGM and founded his own brand in 2015. Having grown up in Iran, the brand aims to be a meeting point between Middle Eastern and European design. The works are full of colors, like a kaleidoscope, and at the same time contain ancient Persian scorpions, fantastic and interesting. It is a young brand that the author admires very much.

Marco de Vincenzo

Marco de Vincenzo joined Fendi at the age of 21 and is still their chief designer of leather goods. In 2009, he established his own brand of the same name. He likes to add different materials into the design, and his works have a kind of drama.

The handbags and shoes of this brand are popular among the public, and the editor also thinks that the rhinestone shoes and handbags of Marco de Vincenzo are very distinctive. Especially its shoes, this kind of bling bling is very similar to the amphibole effect seen on Instagram, it feels very fancy, no wonder girls are chasing this brand of shoes.

Gilberto Calzolari

A young brand founded in 2015, all clothes revolve around environmental protection. The son of a fabric salesman and a high-end boutique manager, Gilberto Calzolari, the founder of the brand, has been exposed to the fashion world since he was a child. The brand combines simple and lively lines with exquisite retro details to create a lot of fashion with artistic style. 2020 is the first time that Gilberto has brought his work to the Italian Fashion Week, which also proves that his work is gradually attracting public attention.