Top 3 must have niche designer handbags for fashionable working women as loved by celebrities and all priced below HKD 5,000


Most branded handbags will cost more than HKD 10,000. But don’t let that scare you off. CNShip4Shop reveals the 3 most recommended niche luxury handbags that costs HKD 5,000 only or less. The styles are fashionable and super popular among trendy people.

LéoetViolette : "Affordable CELINE" handbags are both stylish and practical

Léo et Violette is directly translated from French to Chinese, which means "lion and violet", and the design of the handbag is as romantic and poetic as the name. The founders of the brand are a pair of lovers from Paris, namely Léo Dominguez and Violette Polchi. The handbags combine simple fashion elements with storage and practical design. For example, the brand’s popular model #LePrimo has a French and elegant appearance, and it has a compartment that can easily store a laptop; Le Nova has a classic design and is even praised by netizens as "affordable CELINE". I bought it, and the leather raw materials used are all from Italy. Most of the processes are handmade and completed in local exclusive workshops. The "French and handmade" alone is worth the ticket price.

PÖME : Handbag design breaks the tradition, all genuine leather is made in Italy

PÖ&ME was co-founded by two designer mothers in 2017, and took their children's names Pauline and Mickaël as the inspiration for the brand name. Although there are not many handbag styles to choose from, it has become the favorite handbag brand of French girls in just four years. one. The handbag is designed in France and is equipped with Italian exquisite leather craftsmanship, making it highly sought after by many French fashion influencers. The simple design of the handbag also breaks out of the traditional handbag design framework. The shapes are mostly semi-circular and trapezoidal. It is very textured with metal accessories; the price is also quite reasonable, and you can start with as low as more than 1,000 yuan.

LOUVREUSE : From the same leather supplier as Chanel, the handbag has a sense of playful design

The brand Louvreuse, founded by Victoire de villiers in 2016, is one of the French favorite brands. It is because the leather used in the brand’s handbags comes from the same leather supplier as Chanel. Although the lines and styles of the handbags are simple, But there is no lack of sense of playful design, and "the bag lives up to its name". The shape is as full of characteristics as the Louvre (Louvre), and it can be matched with both daily wear and evening wear. Each handbag is handcrafted by experienced leather craftsmen. , Fine and durable handwork.