The Scandinavian Fashion Brands to have on your Radar


Known for embracing a unique sense of style – and a love for dressing up for no reason at all, it's easy to see why everybody wants to adopt a little Scandi style into their wardrobes. Here's how to tap into that famous Scandi style -

Second Female

This brand does not currently have a dedicated physical store in Germany, and most of the time it is still occasionally encountered in Boutique or brand collection stores. Let me briefly introduce this brand. It is a brand from Germany and was established in 2000. The design of their home combines Nordic fashion sense and French gentle femininity. From the perspective of brand tonality, it also belongs to the creation of urban independent female style. In their brand introduction, it is also mentioned that they pay attention to practicality and tailoring to modify the contours of the body. For example, this brand will produce a lot of thick knitted sweaters, elegant suit shirts and other items, hoping to create a look for women. Effortless fashion sense. Personally, I think the style of their house is quite majestic. Since I am a medium-tall person, I prefer this simple, majestic yet feminine design style.


This is a brand that makes shoes and bags. As soon as you enter their official website, you will be greeted by a strong Nordic cold wind.

This is a leather goods brand rooted in Denmark that was founded in 2006 and is now headquartered in Amsterdam. Their name is very interesting, Royal represents their respect for the ancient monarchy tradition, which can be reflected in the design of their bag products in a very thoughtful and not so deviant style. RepubliQ represents the modernity and youthfulness of the brand. I think the name is actually quite interesting, and it also reflects the original intention of creating the brand: to maintain an open mind and to establish an ingenious balance between classic design outlines and modern trends. You can see that the designs of almost all of their leather goods are conservative at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you can find that the design of this brand’s single products is quite geometric, simple and not wordy, and highly practical, but not It is very tough and casual, isn't this the Nordic style in our impression. If you like this kind of practical and casual leather goods design, then this brand is very suitable for you.