Kate Middleton's Latest Bag Shows Where She Stands on if Mini Bags Are "Over"!


Kate Middleton is the ultimate celebrity to look to if your style is classic. Her wardrobe epitomizes a polished, timeless aesthetic, and her chosen accessories always emphasize that. She chose Polène Paris during the Manchester commemorative event, a niche brand from Paris, the dark blue leather contrasts with golden buckle hardware, simply looks clean and neat. If you too are still on team mini bag, keep scrolling to shop some of the chicest, most timeless ones on the market. Kate Middleton would surely approve.

Polène is a Parisian leather goods brand founded in 2016 by two brothers and a sister. The brand's collections embody confident and classical true line combined with fluid and graceful curves. The brothers’ expert knowledge and passion for quality pushed them to use the best hand-made artisan production in Spain.

Polène Yké basket bag