Discover the unique charm of Milan's boutique brands!


As the first leg of 2022-2023 UEFA Champions League semi-finals officially kicked off last week, marking the climax of the season's most important European football tournament, the Milan Derby returned to the public eye after a long absence on the European stage. As the fashion capital of Italy, where both teams are based, Milan naturally has many lesser-known fashion brands that we can explore and discover.



SUNNEI, which means "sunshine" in Italian, is an Italian fashion brand founded in Milan in 2014 by Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina, alumni of the NABA New Academy of Fine Arts. The brand aims to combine exquisite Italian craftsmanship with innovative creativity, constantly integrating with modern art, and creating SUNNEI's own language through interdisciplinary and cross-media projects that reveal the duality of digital and physical.



Founded by brand founder and designer MASSIMO GIORGETTI in Milan in 2009, MSGM focuses on the market gap between high-end fashion and fast fashion brands, reinterpreting traditional styles in a playful way. It is a trendy brand that not only retains the elegance and charm of Italian tradition but also is full of fun and vitality. This brand is deeply influenced by the avant-garde spirit of independent music and contemporary art, with bold patterns and delicate details, and carefree mix-and-match becoming the brand's distinctive design label.


Salar Milano

This brand was founded by Salar and Francesca, and shortly after its establishment in Milan, it was selected by the authoritative Vogue Italia as the best emerging brand, and it has been popular ever since. Salar Milano is a "harvester" of fashion bloggers, and countless fashion circles are its hardcore fans. It can be sexy, elegant, cute, and rock, and the elements of five-pointed star, tassel, rivet, and pearl are played to the fullest. This fashionable and cost-effective bag has a more updated design and more color schemes, making it more suitable for young girls than Chloe.



Compared to the previous few brands, Valextra can be called the grandfather of them all. This Italian veteran is good at minimalist design. The most unique thing is that it never uses obvious logos and iconic prints, only a V-shaped notch is outlined on the leather line, which can be truly low-key and high-end. With superior quality, simple lines, rugged shapes, and practical functions, it is no wonder that it is called the Hermès of Italy.