Best Shopping Online Tour in France


CNShip4Shop - a handful of fashion and shopping experts will guide you through the myriad brands and names available in France! Join us for the online tour.

The classic Grace mini tofu bag is perfect in workmanship, as a replacement for Celine, and has many branches in Paris.

RSVP Paris

The brand manufactured in the same factory as the luxury big brand Herm├Ęs, although the update speed is relatively slow, it also just proves that each of its models is a classic among the classics! The Low Five bucket bag that is versatile and fits well is perfect for office ladies, and its just 3K!


Lemaire should not be too unfamiliar to everyone. Their design seems to be ordinary, but after the upper body, they are immediately amazed! The croissant, which is highly recommended by the fans, has a super personality. You can get it in 4k!


The pleated underarm handbag is a must-have item, made of lambskin, it feels amazing! Quietly say that Elleme's official website often has big discounts, and you can easily get it for about 1K!

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