Don't Be Left Behind By Only Following the Popular Brands that Everyone Knows!


Don't be left behind by only following the popular brands that everyone knows. With the increasing development of internet technology, people can receive trend information from all over the world in real-time, not just limited to print magazines or word of mouth. Through the internet, we can also discover more small-batch brands with strong and unique styles. This time, let's introduce 3 high-quality small-batch Japanese brands that you should get your hands on before they become too popular!

South2 West8

You may not be familiar with South2 West8, but its brother brand, Needles, is undoubtedly well-known. When Keizo Shimizu, the founder of Needles, opened the NEPENTHES select shop, he not only created Needles, which combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship, American style, and vintage elements but also included South2 West8, which is led by Kaname Nagaoka, who loves outdoor activities, and Daiki Suzuki, who founded Engineered Garments. Opening South2 West8's catalog reveals a strong outdoor style, featuring the brand's signature fishing vests and many pieces with fancy elements. Its recent collaboration with SUPREME has also increased its popularity, and the brand has unlimited potential for future development.


If you are a fan of the "Cityboy Bible" Japanese men's magazine, POPEYE, you must be familiar with is-ness. Akio Hasegawa, the former creative director of POPEYE, often uses is-ness to create the hottest Cityboy style today. Founded by Tomomi Kishita in 2001, is-ness has been in business for 20 years, making it a very mature brand. By combining modern technology, art, music, and contemporary popular elements and drawing inspiration from classic military and outdoor style brands, is-ness creates daily wear that combines light functionality and a sophisticated style. Although each item is expensive, the brand's high quality and excellent cutting design have won the favor of fans. If you love the Cityboy style, don't miss out on is-ness.

and wander

and wander is one of the "three major Japanese mountain brands" alongside nanamica and White Mountaineering. Founded by Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori in 2011, the brand is committed to creating urban mountain-style design pieces that combine functionality and aesthetic design. From the brand's motto, "Whether it's raining in the rain, or blowing in the wind, or just walking in it, the mountains are full of fun," we can see and wander's admiration for nature. As the brand's founder is still working at ISSEY MIYAKE, and wander inherits its precise fabric selection and line-cutting, using simple designs to elegantly modify the complex and fierce mountain-style, bringing a unique beauty to the mountain trend. Whether used for outdoor activities or daily wear, and wander's pieces can meet your needs.