Together, Let's Enjoy Ourselves and the World


By leading the way in accessible luxury with its immediately recognisable Dandy Rock silhouettes and unforgettable campaigns, The Kooples has influenced style since the 2000s. A unique and subversive signature look which breaks down the barriers of conventional fashion. Today, The Kooples relentlessly questions the notion of subversiveness in the 2020s and makes a new commitment: to contrast playfulness, style and the quest for beauty with standardization and chaos.

A return to the culture of commitment that has made the brand so successful.

Uncompromising, sharp, sleek and eclectic, the new collections offer a truly extravagant style. Each piece is an invitation to be yourself without limits, to feel ready to take on everything and to show off a radically stylish look while facing the reality of the world with attitude... and the right amount of self-deprecation.

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