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Check out these 3 "high-quality" lesser-known Japanese fashion brands that will make every OOTD look like it's straight out of a Japanese magazine!

Have you ever found yourself constantly shopping at the same stores or online shops because you're unsure of where to find different clothing brands that suit your style? Or have you ever struggled to find something new during a sale event because you don't have enough options on your shopping list? If you can relate, don't worry! In this post, we're sharing 3 Japanese fashion brands that you should definitely check out next time you're in need of some shopping inspiration.

First up is Ungrid, a must-buy women's clothing brand when you're in Japan! We highly recommend it for those who love ethnic elements in their outfits. One of their unique features is incorporating patterns and ethnic motifs in their designs every season, along with embroidery techniques to create a more three-dimensional effect. The attention to detail and special fabrics give their clothing a retro, delicate texture. Additionally, Ungrid's denim items are made with famous Okayama fabrics, known for their excellent quality and fit for different body types. If you're still on the hunt for that perfect pair of jeans, perhaps you'll find it in Ungrid's denim collection!

Next is MOUSSY, a brand that balances cool and feminine styles with clean-cut silhouettes. Although their designs are mostly solid colors, they use unique cuts or textured fabrics to make each item stand out on its own, which also makes it easy to mix and match with different styles. Their trendy designs are perfect for those who want to create a layered look without actually layering too many pieces.

Lastly, there's CIAOPANIC TYPY, which focuses on loose fits and skin-friendly fabrics. They offer a range of saturated colors and styles that are suitable for all ages, from flight jackets that can be mixed with different styles to hoodies with childlike patterns. Plus, their unisex designs allow both men and women to enjoy their clothing.


Many Japanese fashion brands may seem plain, but there are actually a lot of details in the fabrics and designs that show the designers' thoughtfulness and highlight the wearer's good taste. If you're a fan of Japanese fashion, besides checking out UNIQLO, be sure to browse through these popular Japanese fashion brands. You're bound to find something unique that you won't see on others!