The Muse for the Painting “Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels”


Soreil is Handmade luxury lingerie brand based and made in Colombia, put together with much care and exploration of high quality fabrics, that result in unique luxurious pieces.

Soreil believes a woman’s sensuality is her own creation; a state of mind dependent on her attitude, charm and self-love. The main core for the origin of Soreil were all those women who inspired others with their beauty but most of all, who were influent because of their intellect, style or irreverence. Soreil looked throughout history and found a lot of them, and also found our perfect muse: Agnès Sorel.

Agnes was the first Official Royal Mistress in history. Charles VII fell in love with her once he saw her, despite the others lovers he already had. Charles doted on Agnes giving her everything, from money to land. She started fashion trends, the well known as “Dame de Beauté” was the trendsetter at court imposing pronounced necklines and pointed headdresses and was one of the few women who knew how to read.

And while she could not say no to the King, she ensured get the most out of her position becoming a real influence in arts, culture and even politics because of her great influence on the decisions of the king.

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