To Provide the World with Genuine Sanitary Underwear


TAKAGI was established in 1930 as women‘s underwear manufacturer in Nara, Japan.

At that time, sanitary underwear was not distributed in Japan. The founder was determined to provide the world with genuine sanitary underwear that was comfortable to wear in such an era.

Since then, TAKAGI has been pursuing comfort for people by developing and manufacturing functional underwear.

With a long history of in-house material development, TAKAGI has achieved highly original product development.For developing own materials, they start from selecting yarn then find the best way of knitting and dyeing for the plan and concept.

Their in-house designers develop design that match the concept, age, and trends of our products. TAKAGI believes that only when they have a high standard of master patterns, materials, and design, can achieve this company's commitment to manufacturing products that are comfortable for everyday use and value beauty as it is.

Moreover, TAKAGI always remembers to care about people, things, and the environment so that everyone involved with Takagi can always feel comfortable in a natural way.

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