Attention all Sports and Fashion Enthusiasts! Be prepared for FIBA 2023 Men's Basketball World Cup~


FIBA 2023 Men's Basketball World Cup is just around the corner. 32 teams have been divided into 8 groups, with the group stage matches taking place simultaneously in Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines. The logo for 2023 Basketball World Cup incorporates three main elements: Heart, Naismith Trophy, and the Year 2023. This logo not only represents the players' passion for the sport, but also signifies how it will bring fans from all over the world together as ONE!


Many people have misconceptions about athletes, thinking that they always maintain a casual sports style on the court. However, when passionate athletes combine with trendy fashion, the results are outstanding. Follow along with CNShip4Shop to discover what fashion items the championship favorites are wearing at this year's tournament!


First up is the American streetwear brand Off-White, founded in 2013 by designer Virgil Abloh. The brand offers a range of products, including logo cotton hoodies, logo cotton sportswear, and Marker Arrows cotton knit hats. Off-White's unique designs, playful details, and unconventional tailoring make it a symbol of fashion.


Next is RIPNDIP, a US-based brand known for its white cat logo with its middle finger raised. With its creative logo and humor, the brand has quickly become a hit in the fashion world. Initially inspired by skating culture, RIPNDIP has developed into a unique voice with a loyal following.


Moving on to the Italian A-Group, we have Palm Angels, an Italian streetwear brand founded by Francesco Ragazzi, the art director at Moncler, in 2015. Each collection from the brand embodies the designer's vision inspired by skate culture, showcasing a distinct novelty and trendiness.


Diesel, a well-known Italian denim fashion brand, is young, energetic, and full of creativity. Its recent vintage streetwear style, with metal accents, adds a rebellious touch that is popular among young consumers.


From the German E-Group, Bogner is a skiwear brand with an impressive list of loyal customers, from Princess Diana to Paris Hilton. Founded in 1932 by Willy Bogner in Munich, the brand has continued to flourish over the years. Bogner is truly old money in the skiwear industry.


Closed is a German brand established in 1978 by Gordon Giers, Hans Redlefsen, and Til Nadler. The brand is best known for its classic high-waisted tapered pants, and its innovative water washing technique set a trend in the 70s and 80s. Closed emphasizes a fresh appearance, with inspiration drawn from everyday life, combining sporty and fashion elements. The brand is committed to a minimalist design philosophy, with exquisite craftsmanship, superior tailoring, and high-quality fabrics.


Last but not least, from the French H-Group, Eleven Paris was founded in Paris in 2003 by designers Dan and Oriel. The brand draws inspiration from modern urban fashion and the rock trend in the fashion industry. Eleven Paris's latest style and French humor have made a splash in the fashion world, promoting urban high-street design and extraordinary graphic T-shirts featuring humorous depictions of famous people.


Maison Kitsuné is a fashion brand founded in France in 2002 by Japanese architect Masaya Kuroki and French Daft Punk band manager and creative director Gildas Loaëc. The brand name is a combination of the French word for "house" and the Japanese word for "fox." Maison Kitsuné's meticulous tailoring and unique street style are eye-catching, and the brand uses mostly Japanese-developed fabrics for a comfortable yet playful look. It satisfies the needs of different people, whether for streetwear or daily wear.


Get ready for the FIBA 2023 Men's Basketball World Cup with the hottest fashion items from these top brands!