Best father's day gift ideas to delight dad


Looking for the perfect gift for your hardworking, understated dad? Look no further than the latest fashion brands showcased at Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks. These brands offer low-key yet stylish options that are perfect for both work and leisure!

First up is Y's for men, a Japanese designer brand that is set to make a comeback at Paris Fashion Week after a 13-year hiatus. This brand, which was first launched in 1979, is known for its impeccable designs and attention to detail. For something more streetwear-inspired, check out Bluemarble, which incorporates traditional Filipino craftsmanship and American sportswear elements into its designs.

If you're looking for something more luxurious and refined, consider GUCHOIS, a German brand that is famous for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brand's latest collection is inspired by Germany's rich cultural and artistic history and features tailored suits, exquisite outerwear, and versatile casual wear.

For a more timeless and classic look, check out Carl Gross, a German suit brand that prides itself on its attention to detail and quality materials. Their designs are sleek and modern yet still embody traditional men's fashion values.

For something more edgy and independent, consider HAN KJOBENHAVN, a Danish brand that has become a symbol of Danish fashion design. Their designs are inspired by local culture and lifestyle, with a focus on natural materials and textures. For something more practical and durable, check out FAT MOOSE, a Danish brand that was founded by three extreme sports enthusiasts who wanted to create jackets that were both stylish and functional. Their designs are perfect for outdoor activities yet also incorporate unique and trendy details that can appeal to fashion-forward individuals.

If you're looking for a brand that combines both comfort and style, consider Cottonfield, a Danish brand that specializes in casual wear. Their designs prioritize comfort and relaxation, yet still maintain a unique Nordic aesthetic that is both timeless and contemporary.

So why not give your dad the gift of fashion this Father's Day? Choose from these brands that offer both understated yet stylish options that are perfect for any occasion.