OLE HENRIKSEN:Best Clean Beauty Brands from Danish You Need to Know!


What are the must-have products from Danish beauty small-batch brand OLE HENRIKSEN?

Clean Beauty has become a global beauty trend in recent years, evolving from a pure hype to a daily habit. Many brands have launched vegan and organic products, resulting in an overwhelming range of choices in the market. Recently, several Clean Beauty brands have landed in Hong Kong, including the Danish beauty brand OLE HENRIKSEN, which is favored by Hollywood actresses and has made several appearances on the North American sales charts. This time, we will recommend some must-have products and introduce this small-batch brand to you!

The brand's founder, Ole Henriksen, suffered from cystic acne and tried numerous treatments to find what was truly effective for the skin. He firmly believes that all skin types have the potential to transform. The products feature bright and colorful packaging, with different colors representing different series that can be mixed and matched according to individual skin needs, creating apersonalized skincare routine.


The Truth Collection - Pure Radiance Series

Each product in The Truth Collection - Pure Radiance Series contains vitamin C, with its most popular product being the Banana Bright Eye Crème with nearly 100,000 positive reviews. The cream has athicker texture than regular eye creams but is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy residue. It effectively targets dark circles and pigment deposits around the eyes, leaving the skin radiant and bright.


The Transform Collection - Glow Boosting Series

Regular exfoliation is essential for healthy skin. This scrub contains AHA, lemon peel, and sugar particlesto gently remove dead skin cells. The yellow scrub is smooth and easy to apply, and emits a refreshing and invigorating fruity scent, making it perfect for summer use.



The Transform Plus Collection - Glow Boosting Series Plus

In addition to the packaging, the colors of the products are also vivid, creating a positive mood during use. The Phat Glow Facial is an anti-aging facial mask that contains PHAs and Nordic birch sap to provide moisturizing and brightening effects. Many users have reported that their skin looks radiant, eventoned, and the pores are thoroughly cleansed after use.



The Balance Collection - Balancing Series

After removing the mask, half of the face is shining with oil. The Balance Collection - Balancing Series is designed for oily and combination skin. This toner contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid to regulate oil production without drying out the skin.


In addition, OLE HENRIKSEN has participated in many exhibitions at home and abroad,

such as China Beauty Expo
HKTDC Beauty & Wellness Expo
Taiwan International Beauty Show and Industry Forum  
Beautyworld Japan Tokyo 
in-cosmetics Korea 2023 - Personal Care Ingredients Expo - 2023/07