Unlock Timeless Beauty with Bonotox: The Future of Skincare is here!


In late July, Starbucks transformed its iconic green and white colours into the black and pink of "Blinks" (Black Pink fans). The brand launched a new collaboration with the famous Korean girl group Blackpink in nine markets in the Asia-Pacific region, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Starbucks x Blackpink series includes 11 beverages and 6 lifestyle accessories, featuring contrasting colours of pink and black, reflecting the atmosphere of the fan-favourite girl group's latest album, "Born Pink."

However, where there is demand, there is also the risk of supply. This collaboration series is only available in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the Greater China region, leading to Blinks coming to Hong Kong over the weekend to queue up and purchase cups, dolls, or mugs. The more demand there is, the less supply there is, and it becomes essential for the brand to ensure an adequate supply – or at least, enough to avoid strong resistance.

But for Bonotox, a beauty and skincare brand from Korea, there is no such problem. The brand not only maintains strict control over product quality but also consistently prepares sufficient inventory and production. Bonotox is not just a cosmetics company; it is a globally leading beauty technology company that leverages its beauty technology and creativity to successfully develop "second skin" and expand worldwide with Japan as the focal point. La Mirei, the founder and CEO of Bonotox, is the developer of the popular BB cream, and the name is derived from the fusion of "botulinum toxin" and "innovation."

After five years of authoritative research in non-surgical aesthetic medicine, bridging the gap between cutting-edge dermatology and beauty, Bonotox released the world's first beauty ingredient in 2016 and successfully developed a fully formulated second layer of skin. By combining "beauty × science × technology" with the motto of beauty innovation, Bonotox continuously creates new products with innovative development capabilities and innovative concepts that other companies cannot imitate.

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