With It, You too can Work Magic on Your Face Like Monet!



Situated amidst the hills, meadows, and winding roads of Normandy, just an hour's drive from Paris, lies a small oasis known as Giverny. This place transports visitors into the garden, home, and world of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840-1926).

Monet settled in Giverny in 1883 and spent over forty years cultivating a lush garden that became as iconic as his renowned artworks. Stepping into his sanctuary, now managed by the Fondation Claude Monet, which welcomes around 500,000 visitors annually, one simultaneously journeys back in time to experience, smell, and see the essence of Monet—the artist, gardener, and father—and his creative spirit. In Giverny, wildflowers blend with herbs, succulents, and cultivated blooms from around the world, creating an overwhelming sense of ambiance. If you find yourself in Paris during the warmer months, Giverny is a must-visit destination.

Located a 7-hour drive from Paris in Toulouse, there is a skincare brand called Graine de pastel.

Graine de pastel is a purely natural skincare brand derived from plant extracts, hailing from the southern region of France. All products are manufactured in Toulouse, France. "Graine de pastel," meaning "pastel seed," takes its name from the unique blue dye plant, "pastel," which is native to southwestern France. Its scientific name, "Isatis tinctoria," originates from the Greek word "isado," meaning "to heal." Known for its dermatological benefits, particularly in the realm of treatment, pastel has been renowned for centuries. With 15 years of foundational research, Graine de pastel has been able to unveil the unique advantages of this natural treasure.
All products contain at least 90% natural ingredients, with 15 items being certified organic. The brand has dedicated itself to product development, holding patents in four countries. The product line focuses on long-lasting moisturization and anti-aging properties.

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