Moonshot: The Fashion-forward Innovator of Korean Skincare


Moonshot is the fashion-forward innovator of Korean skincare. They are renowned for their unique product concepts, innovative technology, and exquisite designs, offering users avant-garde and groundbreaking skincare experiences.

Moonshot's best-selling products include Micro Setting Fit Cushion, Cream Paint series, and Jelly Pot eyeshadows. The Micro Setting Fit Cushion is highly sought after for its lightweight texture and flawless coverage, providing a natural and perfect complexion. The Cream Paint series is beloved for its rich colors and smooth texture, allowing for multiple makeup effects on the face, lips, and eyes. The Jelly Pot eyeshadows are favored for their jelly-like texture and a wide range of color choices, creating vivid and dreamy eye makeup looks.


Moonshot's brand essence lies in its fashion-forward innovation and technological breakthroughs. They constantly push boundaries, embracing cutting-edge product concepts and technologies to lead the trends in the skincare market. The brand designs are exquisite and bold, seamlessly blending fashion and technology to deliver unique and high-quality skincare experiences for users.


Moonshot's products undergo professional research, development, and testing. They select premium ingredients and strive for exceptional quality and effectiveness. The brand is dedicated to providing users with outstanding products, allowing everyone to exude confidence and charm throughout their skincare journey.


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