VT Cosmetics: The Fashion-forward Trendsetter of Korean Skincare


VT Cosmetics is the fashion-forward trendsetter of Korean skincare. They are known for their stylish, diverse, and high-quality products, offering users a unique skincare experience.

VT Cosmetics' best-selling products include the Cica x Hyalon series, Super Tempting Shadow Palette, and Collagen Pact. The Cica x Hyalon series combines soothing repair and moisturizing effects, calming the skin and providing ample hydration. The Super Tempting Shadow Palette is loved for its variety of colors and rich textures, allowing for various trendy makeup looks. The Collagen Pact, containing collagen, enhances skin elasticity and creates a smooth and refined complexion.


VT Cosmetics stands out with its fashion-forward and diverse brand image. They collaborate with artists and the fashion industry to introduce products that are fashionable and personal. The brand actively incorporates diverse cultural elements, embracing the beauty of different individuals.


VT Cosmetics' products not only embrace fashion but also emphasize quality and effectiveness. They utilize scientific technology to develop efficient skincare formulas, allowing users to enjoy outstanding skincare results.


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